What is the good practice scheme?

The good practice scheme is designed to help groups reflect on and demonstrate their own good practice through a series of questions. Support groups who have applied to or are applying for Partner Level support from Prostate Cancer UK will be aware that providing evidence of good practice is expected, and the awards are a structured way of providing this.

How will it benefit groups?

The scheme will provide a means of demonstrating to the public, potential members, funders and health professionals that the group can be trusted to be provide good support and is being run in a professional manner. We want to help groups in their desire to operate good practice as this fits with our belief that every man should have access to a good quality local support group.

How does the application process work?

All Partner groups will be invited to apply for the scheme.

  1. Groups will be asked to complete information in an online form.
    If you would prefer to submit a paper application you can request this from us but we ask that you complete any handwritten submissions in capital letters to aid legibility.

  2. The questionnaire should take no more than one hour to complete. You may have to find background information from your group to answer some of the questions. You are able to save your progress online, so you can complete the form across a number of days. If you have any questions about the form you can contact Yvonne Trace at yvonne.trace@prostatecanceruk.org or on 0161 475 1721.

When we have received your application we will review it and contact you if there is any more initial information we require. Applications will be reviewed at quarterly review meetings which will be made up of a panel of four people affected by prostate cancer and two support group development staff from Prostate Cancer UK. Following the review meetings we will either:

  • confirm that you have been awarded a good practice award
  • ask for additional information,
and after receiving this information we will be able to then either make an award or: highlight opportunities where your group could more powerfully demonstrate good practice and provide feedback and suggestions which might help you do this.

If we do make suggestions we would love to hear from you. This might be to advise us that you're adopting these suggestions, or proposing alternatives. We will continue to work with you to reach a point where you can achieve the award.

We recognise that all groups are different e.g. in size, age, expertise and range of activities. We will look at each groups’ individual circumstances to help identify what represents good practice.

What happens when our group achieves good practice?

We will let you know that your group has been successful in achieving this and you will receive a certificate which will be valid for two years. We will also include that the group achieves good practice on our website. You will be free to publicise your achievement though your own channels such as your website, newsletter or leaflets.

We will invite you to update your information at the end of that two year period to allow us to assess whether anything has changed and to update your award, assuming you are still demonstrating good practice.